The “Good Life”

The other day, there was an very to-the-point article published on the “Good Life”. Interesting enough to think about and reflect – are you living the “Good Life”?

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The “off-the-top-of-the-head” responses many people made when asked this question are obvious and expected – – family, good friends, good health, financial security, travel. But as people thought further their answers evoke deeper needs – – love, purpose, giving back, serenity, compassion, peace, passion in life and work, balance. The list grew longer the more they reflected. The thing for each of us is to ask ourselves: – honestly – if you, me, and the people we know well, are we living the “Good Life” ?

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Are those elements listed above an important part of your life?

If not, why not?

lg Holland Island Chesapeake Bay

We are often told to “re-balance” our portfolios to reflect our changing financial needs – – why not the same about your life as you mature???

lg colors fog.6 head 10.31.13 crop sq copy Think about it – I have.

It is fair to say that it is a good idea to check in and, if need be, make a course correction on your way to the “Good Life”.

Thoughts by OTL

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Taking in each moment,

        whether it is the beauty, the horror, the sense of awe

                         or of pain:

         whether it is a sight, a sound, a smell, a touch:

         whether it is looking and really “seeing” in the littlest thing,

                          or in the vastness of the larger before you:

1.lg sunrise.6 1.14.15

Ingesting, breathing in – deeply,

          totally engulfed in the NOW of existence:

Resting in the present – meditating – “being”:

lg bumblebee cone good.2 9.25.14

If you do not do this each day – that means today –

     and do not make this a practice in your life – trust me;

     you will never be fully alive –

     but rather only living on the veneer

     of what you could become.

Thoughts from Jack – The Gardener

lg poppy Flemish.1 10.16.14

(Note: each photo posted here was taken in the Gardens at Waters East located on the shores of Lake Michigan. If you want to reflect and meditate using photos from the gardens check out: 


lg ship fog.3 1.7.15

lg ground hog baby standing.2 6.27.14

6.lg sw.10 dead sea gull 11.16.12

lg lake.1 7.27.14

Lg storm.8 7.30.12

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Only ends

The continuous search

For self.


It is not

The point at which

You find it.

Lg aspen-trees tops

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Be Still and Know

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