QUOTE – – Richard Dawkins

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The more you understand the significance of evolution, the more you are pushed away from the agnostic position and towards atheism. Complex, statistically improbable things are by their nature more difficult to explain than simple, statistically probable things.”

Richard Dawkins–British evolutionary biologist


Your thoughts are always welcome.  Any atheist have a comment?

Enjoy “Pretty Pictures” today

Here are a couple of photos from the private gardens here along the shores of Lake Michigan in the USA.  Just a little beauty to enrich your day.  Some Summer joy.


lg daisy group.1 good 7.9.15

lg beach clouds large rocks.1 8.9.11

lg rock wall.1 7.6.15

lg lake at bluff clouds 8.21.11

lg peony cairns good.2 7.6.15

lg poppies down good 7.6.15 copy

If you want to see some of the other beauties in these garden, and have a few moments to reflect on how it affects your life and brings you joy:  look at the blog Site: Gardens at Waters East