Religion – Love & Hate

You might remember, or maybe not, the verse from the song by the group U2 titled: The Miracle of Joey Ramone. Whenever I hear that verse – it makes me think – “right on”. In today’s world those words seem to have even more validity than in the days they were written. Here it is for your reflection, reaction, continued discussion.

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gopher – scratching his head – so appropriate as a reflection on religion.

“We got language so we can’t communicate

Religion so I can love and hate

Music so I can exaggerate my pain

And give it a name”

HIGHLY COMMENDED Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

laughing seal – also appropriate – as a reaction to the verse

mountain view

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“Atheism is not a philosophy;

it is not even a view of the world;

it is simply a refusal to deny the obvious.”

Sam Harris – American neuroscientist

lg space.2

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Picking your nose

Take comfort – you are not alone!!!

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“Man is not worried by real problems so much as

by his imagined anxieties

about real problems”



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Seize the Day

lg quote

You have to love this one – jajjajajajajjaja

Being in Love

Being in love

Is not

          Two people looking

          At each other,


          Two people looking


                    In the same direction.


sunrise.8 2.8.12 long copy

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Quote: Camus – Freedom

lg tadpolesFreedom

Is an exhausting chore.


Invent rules

Because – –

They can not

Bear the weight

Of freedom.

Albert Camus