Mutual interest, care, and survival

Why can’t so many people be like other things found in nature?  Working together, helping  one another, benefiting from close relationship?  True, there are people who try to live like this – that is good to know.  However you and I both know that there are people and nations that seem determined to use people, destroy people for personal gain, disrupt civility, etc.etc.  It does not have to be a cruel world.  Really doesn’t have to be.

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Take a look at just one plant that is in a mutual “respect” relationship.

Check out the recent posting Watershed #21 Bottle Gentiana

You will find a simple posting on this plant and the relationship it has with the bumblebee – interesting.

We should all do so well supporting wine another.

Your comments are always welcome – maybe we can find the answer and be a help to others.

Quote – Isaac Asimov


“Emotionally, I am an atheist.

I don’t have the evidence to prove that God doesn’t exist,

but I so strongly suspect he doesn’t that I don’t want to waste my time.”

Isaac Asimov

Your comments are welcome – we can learn from you as you learn from us.

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“Violence is not strength,

                    compassion is not weakness,

                    we are civilized.”

King Arthur – Camelot

Your thoughts and comments are always welcomed – we can all teach and learn form one another.

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