Life is Measured – – – by

Sunrise - - Lake Michigan, Wisconsin USA

Life is not measured

               By the number of breaths we take,


               By the moments

                         That take our breaths away.

George Carlin

Reflect:   What does this photo say to you here today?  What question, questions does it evoke, stir up within?  What does it tell you about YOU;  about YOUR relationship to the universe;  about time and the quality of how you are using it;  about this very moment – only here once, never to return;  about ultimate meaning;  about why are YOU here  now, this moment?

Be Still – – – and Know

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Take this opportunity to “teach” all of us who seek deeper truth in life.

Anniversary of My Death

The Anniversary of My Death

Every year I pass the anniversary of my death.
I don’t know the date,
But each year I pass it.

My friends will know and remember it
After I am gone.
Each year, they will remember the anniversary of my death.

For me,
It really doesn’t matter.

Though a little time at The End,
Would be nice,
To mend fences,
To say Good Bye.

I would no doubt ask myself,
“What can I do to make the last months / days the best”?

Final Resting Place - - Yours?

A profound observation:
Those last months / days – could be here right now.