One Singular Sensation #8

One  Singular  Sensation

Special never before seen photo from

Gardens at Waters East 

Lg rose McCleen close 7.7.12


Plus – one sunrise photo from the gardens celebrating a new day.

Lg sunrise.4 LONG 7.15.12

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A Good Death – poem by OTL

This is a “poem” written celebrating my brother’s death, as I watched.



     Gentle breathing

     Relaxed into the moment




At Peace

     In thought

     In body

Gratitude for life

     Challenges and opportunities

     Failures and lessons learned

     The chance – – just to be


Awareness in the moment

     Embraced and cradled in the cosmos

     Transition to

          Eternal in becoming


2. forming sq



3.1 Lg double s sq

2.2 Lg blue clouds sq

Poem OTL 8.1.13



Real Friends — a Life More Full

Words to live by – really.


Reach out to others who are



It makes your world

More full.


What are you doing to make that happen?



Be Still – – – and Know


< < < < < < < ———–> > > > > > >

 mt valley village


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