The “Good Life”

The other day, there was an very to-the-point article published on the “Good Life”. Interesting enough to think about and reflect – are you living the “Good Life”?

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The “off-the-top-of-the-head” responses many people made when asked this question are obvious and expected – – family, good friends, good health, financial security, travel. But as people thought further their answers evoke deeper needs – – love, purpose, giving back, serenity, compassion, peace, passion in life and work, balance. The list grew longer the more they reflected. The thing for each of us is to ask ourselves: – honestly – if you, me, and the people we know well, are we living the “Good Life” ?

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Are those elements listed above an important part of your life?

If not, why not?

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We are often told to “re-balance” our portfolios to reflect our changing financial needs – – why not the same about your life as you mature???

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It is fair to say that it is a good idea to check in and, if need be, make a course correction on your way to the “Good Life”.

Thoughts by OTL

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