Live each day as if

          It is your last.

One day – – –

          You’ll be right!

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Purpose of Life —-?


The purpose of life,

          Is to learn

                    How to die.





Only ends

The continuous search

For self.


It is not

The point at which

You find it.

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Your thoughts,  comments, are always most welcome.

Be Still and Know

A Thought from – Heidegger

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We must

run  forward

towards death,


we will defeat it

by accepting it.


SAMSUNGYour thoughts are always welcomed.

We have lots to learn from one another.


A Good Death – poem by OTL

This is a “poem” written celebrating my brother’s death, as I watched.



     Gentle breathing

     Relaxed into the moment




At Peace

     In thought

     In body

Gratitude for life

     Challenges and opportunities

     Failures and lessons learned

     The chance – – just to be


Awareness in the moment

     Embraced and cradled in the cosmos

     Transition to

          Eternal in becoming


2. forming sq



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Poem OTL 8.1.13





The last thing I saw – 

                        Flash from the barrel.

The last thing I heard – 

                        Sharp crack the moment power exploded.

The last thing I felt – 

                        Piercing of my brain.

The last thing I thought – 

The Last Thing

The Last Thing

The Last Thing


So I thought.

                                            To be continued ……….

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Poem by OTL 6.9.13

My Final Days – poem by OTL

“So old so soon,

                    so smart so late.”

I remember my grandfather saying those words to me one afternoon when I was a child of five.  Those words have been in my mind since that day.  They move in the shadows between so many thoughts.   – – Thinking of him, now thinking of me.

 Lg Palouse-Falls-CROP

As a child when I heard my grandfather make that statement,

I really had no idea what he meant.

                                          – – – only knew he was now old.

As a man now having reached his sixties,

        I understand – well,

        very well,

Their meaning.

I have had experiences





        Struggles and failures


        Growth and success


        Even shame

        Self discovery

True sense of my true self.

I have part of the answer to the question –

Who am I?

I am blessed.

I am gifted.

An eternal learner.

An eternal student of life,

        With much more

        Yet to discover

        Yet to learn

        Yet to embrace.

However, even this day well before my last,

I can stand “grounded”.

I look back over many years of life.

I have a history.

With that history

               I look forward to the next chapters of this life

               However many may yet be left.

That I don’t know,

Nor ever will.

Only after I pass, will others be able to tell you.

Now standing here,

At the head of “my parade”

Built upon the richness that all of my personal history affords me,

        The paths I have walked,

        The miles I have traveled,

        The energy of the universe

                    Urges me

                              To be a contributor,

                              An active participant,

                              A co-creator,

                                       of my remaining days.

And so – I commit.

Poem by – – OTL 8.16.12

Be Still – – – and Know


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