A New Day Has Just Begun

Each Sunrise,

Each New Day,

               Offers hope, opportunity, possibility,

               For you

               For Earth.

The Questions are:

               What will this day bring to your life?

               What will this day bring to the life of the Earth?

A New Day.

How will you make use of the moments of Today

for Self


for Others?

You are most welcome to leave a comment.

We can all grow form the good words and thoughts of others.

Crazy animals that we are!!! – – Poem by OTL #3

I love to smile at myself,

And have a laugh


Some of the thoughts I keep,


Reactions I’ve expressed.

Life is funny.

Not a joke as such,

But funny indeed, funny.

It really is to be enjoyed.

Not taken too seriously.

All the other creatures know this truth,

We don’t.

They must wonder when they watch us,

Crazy animals that we are.