A Quote – – Albert Camus


          Is not needed

          To create guilt

Or guilt

          To punish.


Our fellow man


Aided by


Albert Camus


Be Still – – – and Know

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xlg dark sunrise at GAWEGardens at Waters East 

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Bella Figura – for sure!

I found this article – loved it.  Speakes to the beauty we are, we all need and we all work to have.  It says it better than I could!!  Enjoy – Bella Figura

xLg multi colors of Ranculus

“In Italy, the philosophy of La Bella Figura rules the land, especially in the south. Bella Figura means “the beautiful figure” but is actually a way of life emphasizing beauty, good image, aesthetics and proper behavior.

Italy is a place of grandeur and elegance and this is seen in the details. For example, even the uniforms of the Italian policemen, soldiers, and carabinieri are more stylish and elegant than those of neighboring countries. Even the road sweepers are more fashionable in their immaculate white coveralls. In addition to being well dressed and well groomed, Italians surround themselves with beauty. Italian cars are known for their design and beauty. Gardens and architecture are vibrant, alive and beautiful. The art, history, architecture, fashion and fine wines of Italy are undisputed. There’s an inherent sense of appreciation for color, design and form throughout the land.

Italy is the fashion center of the world and nearly everyone dresses the part. Tourists can not compete when it comes to Italian fashion. Chances are when someone is spotted that is less than fashionable looking, they are a tourist. Glamour, simple elegance and high fashion are the norm in Rome and Milan and other cities throughout Italy. When the right combination of shoes, hat, accessories and color come together, one is considered to have achieved La Bella Figura. Dark sunglasses, even at night, add to the allure.

But La Bella Figura is more than merely dressing well, looking good and admiring fine art. It is an etiquette system as well. La Bella Figura also means acting properly, knowing the rules of etiquette, presenting oneself with, and being aware of, the proper nuances Italian society demands. It is how to act and how to behave under particular circumstances. It is knowing what is appropriate and when, it is knowing what is of high quality and taste versus what is too cheap.

La Bella Figura is also loyalty. Italians have a strong sense of loyalty to their family, friends, neighbors and business partners. Behaving properly, appropriately and respectfully is crucial to maintaining the right air of Bella Figura both in family situations as well as in the business world.

La Bella Figura is both a demureness and formality and is thoroughly entrenched in the culture of Italy, especially in the southern portion of the country. It is believed that practicing La Bella Figura enhances beauty and peace in the world.”

xLg autom colors and river

To check out a living example of La Bella Figura in nature in all its colors and beauty, look into the Gardens at Waters East.

A beautiful place on a beautiful Great Lake.

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AWE – – Sacred



       is the presence of

                                   the Sacred.


Lg red swrill Galaxy sq

A Thought from – Heidegger

2.Lg lighten daisy white golden ninbark leaf.2 CROP 6.18.12

We must

run  forward

towards death,


we will defeat it

by accepting it.


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Lonely, Winter, Lake – poem by OTL

Ships in the dead, dreadful dead, of night.

It’s black, windy, rainy,

Black, cold,


The waves,

Hear them churning, foaming, twisting,

Grey black and cold,

All moving about


Then retreating from the shore.


I see a light,

Then another.

It’s a ship,

Alone, very alone,

Way out on the lake,

Can just make it out,

Moving North.


Pushing with all it’s might, it’s force,

Struggling against the forces of violent nature,

wind and waves.


It’s so dark,

Black, cloudy,

No stars nor moon.

Sure makes for a lonely and alone feeling.


Slowly the ship inches along

Through the tumbling, churning Winter waters.

Sure is dark out there.

That can not be said enough – dark.


I know there is life out there

because I see those small points of light  – flickering in the cold.

Still looks – lonely,

All by itself – alone.


Captain and crew,

Trusting while floating on an unforgiving lake

Which has called many ships and men,

To its cold depths into death.


Just spots


Marking for this moment

Lives out there

Alone together

So small on a vast expanse

Of grey waters



Poem by OTL

lg H. Sandy.4 branches 10.30.12 crop

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