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You have to love this one – jajjajajajajjaja

Being in Love

Being in love

Is not

          Two people looking

          At each other,


          Two people looking


                    In the same direction.


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photo take at – click on:   Gardens at Waters East

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“Violence is not strength,

                    compassion is not weakness,

                    we are civilized.”

King Arthur – Camelot

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Be Still & Know


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There is a danger

               to resisting temptation – – –

What if it

               doesn’t come back ?????

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Enjoy Folks

You will enjoy folks  more


               you come to realize

               you don’t

                    have to be like them


                    like them!!!

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If you want to see more and different “folks” – – garden plants:

check out the gardens on the shores of Lake Michigan 


One can never tire from reading / hearing this quote.

Much to say in only a few words.

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To error is human

To forgive is divine.

The photo above is from the Gardens at Waters East, located on the shores of Lake Michigan in USA.  If you would like to see more photos of a beautiful spot on Earth, and beautiful flowers go to – click on:



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You marry at the level

                       of your



Now that is something to think about!!!!!!!!

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