AWE – – Sacred



       is the presence of

                                   the Sacred.


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One Singular Sensation #2


One  Singular  Sensation

Special never before seen photo from

Gardens at Waters East

notice anything in the flower?


Plus – one sunrise photo celebrating a new day.


Mid-Summer Sunrise 

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NOW a poem by OTL

A POEM – – by OTL


Is the only time I can really KNOW.


Is where everything IS.


Tear off your clothes,

Squeeze the sand through your toes,

Run the beach,

Let the breeze kiss your face.

Move your hand over the bark

On the pine near by,

Feel its texture, its body.


Lie naked in the sun

On the grass

Warmed air embracing you.

Let the NOW speak

Teaching you what is real.


Yesterday is memory

It can teach you how much you missed,

Worrying about tomorrow.

Tomorrow isn’t here

Don’t live in the “not yet”,

You’ll miss too much.


NOW – it is the only real.

NOW – if you don’t let it soak in,

You’ve wasted

What you could have been

What you are meant to be

In this eternal moment of the NOW.


Let all the NOWS

Come alive,

Move into you,

Course through your body

As blood of Life;

People –

Their love and touch,

Earth –

Full of fabrics, creatures, and sights.

Soak it all in – – NOW

NOW – the present moment

Is where Truth exist and lives and is to be found.


          Are you finding it?

Be Still – – – and Know

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