Garden Erotica

A Poem:

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In the light of day – nothing can stay hidden for long.


Secrets Exposed – Truth be Told



Startled me to death!

I came into the kitchen,

There she was,

                  Of all places

                                    Sitting on the kitchen counter – NAKED.

I had forgotten she would be here today.

What a “turn-on”




                                    A real hand full.

Sitting there begging me

                  To take her.

Begging me to take all of her.

She knew

                  I wanted her,

                  All of her.

We would do it.

Just the two of us,


Senses on “over load”.

Fully ready to be satisfied,

                  Like never before.

A little foreplay,

                  A gentle touch here

                  A loving caress there

                  Getting her ready – always necessary.

Then I take her,

                  First a nibble,

                  Then more

                                    And more and more and more!

Oh the delight!

Oh the gratification!

The feel of her skin,

                  On my lips

                  In my throat.


                  My body in full pleasure.


                  Flowing slowly down my checks

                  Sliding deep down my throat


But oh so pleasing.

On and on I went,

                  Until finished,


                  Fully satisfied.

She knew  how to please – – – And she did it oh so well.

A virginal experience – indeed the best!


My first – – – Yellow Tomato.

Poem by:  OTL         

The Final Harvest,

The Final Proverbial Question:

                  “Was it as good for you as it was for me?”

                                      OH YEAH !!!

                                      Caliente !!!