The Hourglass

There is only so much sand left dropping in my hourglass,

Which is why I now only spend time with people

I really REALLY want to be around.

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Where are You? – poem by OTL

Where are you

          When I need ?

          When I ache ?

          When I hurt ?

You always seem to be into me

                                   Day or night,

When you need a friend.

How about me?

I turn to you

          For a simple visit

          A simple phone call.

You don’t hear me,

Crying inside

          For love,

          For help,

          For healing.

Had our friendship

                         Never been ?

Was it me loving you,

                        Nothing more ?

I have the feeling

          I was loving,

          But no one returned.

poem – OTL  


Be Still – – – and Know


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