Negativity – vs – Happiness

It is a “drag” to spend time with people who are negative. They always seem to find the glass half empty as the saying goes. People like this are sooooooo energy draining to any persons who happen to be around them. Negative people pull you down – never lift you up or even themselves. My advice – DUMP THEM!

lg margueritte 9.14.14

It must take a lot of energy to live in a world of negativity, conspiracy, hate, envy, jealousy, fear, defeat, suspicion, blame, etc. What a waste of life – and then they die – how sad indeed – they never lived. I wonder if they even know that.

morning glory.1 9.25.14

Just look around.










So many many ways to experience the positive of being here – now. Let every day begin and end with a mindset and a smile for all that is, and all that gives you Life.

It is wonderful to know deep within – the positive of living.

lg aster fuschia 9.11.14

The photos in this posting all come from the Gardens at Waters East. If you ever need a boost or lift-me-up, check out and let you senses “sing”.  It is hard not to have a smile when one views a blossom.

lg crop sq3 green frog.2 7.14.12 copy

Or – when you are watch by a local garden frog!

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You have much to share – teach us your wisdom.

Be Still and Know

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