Family Farms vs Factory Farms

Family Farms

The soul of America

The American Dream.

Values of:

     Hard work

     Respect for the Earth

          The water

          The soil

          The air.

lg happy cows in field ROTATEHappy Cows   &   Healthy Land

Friendly neighbors

Caring for our Mother Earth


– – – – – – – – – –

Factory Farms

CAFOs by name

Killing off the family farm,

Values of:

     Government subsidies

     Money over neighbor

     Chemical industrial waste

     Pollution of

          Water, soil, air.

CAFO Crapspreading liquid poop that runs off into the watershed

The neighbor nobody wants

Raping & abusing the land


lg manure pitsponds of liquid poop – – – smell to high heaven

Then there are the

Buffoons in government,

On the payola

Always looking

     To help the Industrial Farms

     No matter the cost to We the People.

Always planning their next election

     Kissing butts

     Hands outstretched.

Whatever it takes

     For personal gain.

lg sleep, eat, poopeat – – sleep – – poop —— all in the same place

Doing whatever it takes,

     At the expense of

     The American Dream.

Poem by OTL


If you want to learn more about the damage done by industrial waste and CAFO farming check out

Just Being – – poem by OTL

Just Being

lg beach clouds s.10 8.9.11

Flowers seem to enjoy – just being open in the sunlight

          and touched by the gentle breeze.

The lake sometimes too – just lies there

          relaxing not moving a muscle.

Gulls – wings out stretched –

          sometimes just want to glide

In the up drafts:

          stomachs full –  no need to hunt for food

          enjoying the moment,

          enjoying the view.

Rocks on the beach – sitting reflection on self

          until picked up and taken home

          as someone’s possession and even friend

          and once there – just sits and waits.

Even the house – stands quiet at times – just being

          standing idle available for family or friend

          relaxing before the people arrive.

Inactivity – meant to be a part of everything

Less nothing take the time to –

          just be what it was meant to be.

See what I am missing – – – –

          Moving too much to

          Listen to,

          To appreciate,


Who am I ?

lg Death-Valley-Sunrise

Poem by  OTL     April 27, 1978


Transcend the Bonds of Belief – poem by OTL

Transcend the Bonds of Belief


What is “belief”?

What does one “believe”?

Belief:  in what, of what, for what, why?

 Lg storm.5 7.30.12

The reason, rationale, need for.

What is in the human character, or mind set, or fear of

          That makes humans admit to, cling to, resort to,

          Belief, any belief, in, of, for, etc.?

Is it a blind “want”

Or an infantile “need”?


Belief – a term that captures the non-provable

          Yet holds so many in a locked mindset.


A dictionary definition:

Belief – “mental acceptance of something as true, even though absolute certainty may be absent”

New World Dictionary

So intertwined with an even more frightening term:

Faith – “complete, unquestioning acceptance of something even in the absence of proof and especially of something not supported by reason”

New World Dictionary


How frightening and abusive to think that

          parents pass these patterns onto their children.

Thus, another generation has the tools to suppress and be suppressed

          and never discover – – Truth.


Belief is the base for one’s choices.

It forms the foundation of all one’s mental movements.


          Self esteem, high or low

          Religious zeal, radical, centered or other directed

          Focus to find and then hold as certain –

                    the answer to the ultimate question of:

                                   “after death” – then what?

Belief a means to assure that your goals are the only right goals,

All other goals of other people, are less in value.

Self serving, suppressive, or liberating – for whom?

Belief a concept used throughout the ages – whether for good or bad.

          It controls

          Even excuses persons

                   From responsibility – personal action.

          Often encourages action

          Even demands submission without question.

No wonder the world is so f##ked up.

Be on guard whenever the words “I believe” are uttered.

They designate:

          One who does not know – really.

          One who is less than truthful.

          One who tries to impose and control.

          One who is lost and grabbing for empty mental constructs

                   to justify meaning.

          One who will lead you astray!

The hopeful sign for humanity is that there are those who


        Transcend the Bonds of Belief.


It is they who have searched, have questioned, have found within

          The Answer

          Liberating the spirit



lg sunrise.2 CROP LONG 10.27.12

A man should learn to detect and watch that gleam of light which flashes across his mind from within, more than the luster of the firmament of bards and sages.     Emerson

Be Still – – – and Know

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Cow Poop – – “poem” by OTL

Manure – Manure everywhere

And not a drop to drink – – NOT TRUE!

1. 250px-CowPie-smalla good old fashion cow pie 

You may already be a victim

Of contaminated water.

Not good for you nor your pets.

2.lg C. W. water Sample  (1)Both bottles contain water directly out of the kitchen faucets at two different area homes.

Can you tell which contains Fecal Matter?

Would you dare drink that!

Daily there are reports across the USA

     of polluted wells and once potable water  supplies.

Many factors contribute to the contamination

     of what you drink

     of where you get your water.

So sad.


Water tables,




Of the many contributors polluting YOUR health,

Think of liquid poop from thousands of cows confined to a small area – – – CAFOs

Poop infused with hormones, chemicals and pathogens

          So that the cows have diarrhea day in and day out.

          Easier to spread out their manure – even spray it about.

Everyday of their lives.

     Cows pooping and milking

     Until the day they can no longer.

Dried up and dried out

Then sold for beef in burgers and more.

Poop spread on the soil

Poop seeping into the ground

     Entering the creeks and rivers

     Flowing into the lakes.

     Mixing with the source

          Of  YOUR drinking water.

7. lg runoff out of tileWater rushing off area farm field covered with liquid manure. 

Manure – Manure everywhere

And not a drop to drink – – NOT TRUE!

5. lg cow pie person's foot for sizea healthy cow pie

Gone are the days of healthy cow pies,

welcome to the brave new world of chemically infused cow diarrhea. 

6 lg liquid manure spreadingIndustrial farm waste – liquid manure

containing pathogens

An appropriate response



Click here to read lots more disgusting facts on this contaminating industrial waste – closer to you than you think.

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LOVE – – poem by OTL


1.Lg sunrise.1 LONG 7.15.12 copy


It is nice to know,

              Gives such a good feeling

When I hear


You tell others – – –

              You love me.

Poem by:  OTL

 lg coneflowers etc. long 8.11.10


Be Still – – – and Know

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Thoughts at the Moment of My Death -poem by OTL

A gift to Self and Friends

lg sunset.8 CROP LONG 8.19.12

Thoughts at the Moment of my Death


To relax into Death

Knowing it is natural

Knowing it is unavoidable

Knowing it is happening.


To relax into Death

Dying with comfort of mind & spirit.


To relax into Death

Life’s timeline now ending

Some dreams realized – – others not

It is OK.


To relax into Death

The journey nears its end

The chance of being

The flicker of the flame of life

Growing dim.


To relax into Death

One last breath

The last of the air that gives life

The last moment of Living

Taken within




Oh Glorious Passing

That comes with such:




          For all.


Poem by: OTL 12.10.12

lg sunset.2 great 10.21.12

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The Third Age – a poem by OTL

The Third Age

Birth through formal education

Professional life to retirement

Then What?

            The Third Age

Now What?

All this time ahead –

          for who knows how long – maybe many years.

Sit around and rot in front of TV,

Rock in a chair, counting cars going by on the street,

Surf the web – mindlessly,

On and on – achieving nothing.

Just existing,  existing,  existing.

Using up what hours are left – before the final breath.

What a waste of life!



Not enriching

Not life-giving


     And more – – Dull.

So ends the life of so many.

     “Over and Out”

Dead and nothing more.

Not much of a legacy for your Third Age.

Birth to death

     Your chance to be you.

     There is no other.

How will it end with you?

     Blossoming till the last day,

     Or shriveled in brain and spirit?

Wasted or celebrated.

     That is – celebrated by you.

You are the one that counts.

You make the choices.

You make it a life.

You have the Power.

You make the final years fully alive;

     Or – meaningless,

     Or – standing still treading water,

     Or – dead.


How depressing to end on such a note!

 Be Still – – – and Know

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