Lonely, Winter, Lake – poem by OTL

Ships in the dead, dreadful dead, of night.

It’s black, windy, rainy,

Black, cold,


The waves,

Hear them churning, foaming, twisting,

Grey black and cold,

All moving about


Then retreating from the shore.


I see a light,

Then another.

It’s a ship,

Alone, very alone,

Way out on the lake,

Can just make it out,

Moving North.


Pushing with all it’s might, it’s force,

Struggling against the forces of violent nature,

wind and waves.


It’s so dark,

Black, cloudy,

No stars nor moon.

Sure makes for a lonely and alone feeling.


Slowly the ship inches along

Through the tumbling, churning Winter waters.

Sure is dark out there.

That can not be said enough – dark.


I know there is life out there

because I see those small points of light  – flickering in the cold.

Still looks – lonely,

All by itself – alone.


Captain and crew,

Trusting while floating on an unforgiving lake

Which has called many ships and men,

To its cold depths into death.


Just spots


Marking for this moment

Lives out there

Alone together

So small on a vast expanse

Of grey waters



Poem by OTL

lg H. Sandy.4 branches 10.30.12 crop

For many more photos from StoneWater Beach at the Gardens at Waters East

check out:   www.gardensatwaterseast.blogspot.com

The Moment – poem by OTL

“To feel our lives while we have them.”

Author – unknown

 Wow – that sure says a lot about:

          the present

          your present!

Ask yourself:

          Do I “feel” the moment?

          Do I “live” the moment?

Is this very moment, the “right now” – – being embraced?

Stop fooling yourself.

If you are like most – you really don’t “feel” /”live” the moment.

You talk about it –

Talk is cheap –

          but you don’t really embrace the moment.

Whatever the moment may be:












being, etc.

This very moment will never be again – – –  never  – – – ever.

It is the one and only moment, the very NOW

     that can teach

          about life

          about you

“Use it – or loose it”.

So true.

Oops – – It is already gone.

Oh wow – – here is another.

Be Still – – – and Know

< < < < < < < ———–> > > > > > >

lg West+Highlands+Scotland

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The last thing I saw – 

                        Flash from the barrel.

The last thing I heard – 

                        Sharp crack the moment power exploded.

The last thing I felt – 

                        Piercing of my brain.

The last thing I thought – 

The Last Thing

The Last Thing

The Last Thing


So I thought.

                                            To be continued ……….

 lg sunrise.15 CROP LONG good 10.20.12

Poem by OTL 6.9.13

Garden Erotica 2.0

Garden Erotic 2.0

or    Bordello on the Beach  – – StoneWater Beach to be exact.

 lg sunrise.19 CROP LONG good 10.20.12

So many ladies

So little time,



     Clothed  only in beauty.

What better way to get your “creative juices” flowing.


It gets hard

Trying to satisfy them all – all the time.

Each one gets a break

But not me!

Called from one to the other – then yet another

Exhausting – –

That’s putting it mildly!


Each one vying  for attention

     A look

     A touch

     A sensitive word of love

It is a rivalry flush with excitement.


Never it seems

Are the ladies satisfied – completely satisfied.


I try and I try even more

It’s hard.

Really hard on me.


Too much of a good thing

     Gets exhausting

Sometimes I want to scream to the heavens and sky above,

“Give me a break”.


When I was younger

I thought – ladies wherever one looks – WOW

It can’t get better than that.

The life of every young man’s dreams.

Oh, how foolish I was.


With all the ladies I service,

It’s hard

Really hard on me.


It must be easy having only one.

Giving her your all

          Undivided attention

          Focused admiration

          Total commitment

Forsaking all others.


My dream for old age is

     A condo

     A patio

     A little pot

That would be the “good life”.

Not so hard

I could live with that.


But for now,

     I need them all

     Would like even more.

They let me know

     In words never spoken

     That I do keep them all – every one

     Satisfied and alive.


Maybe I’m cursed

     Having so many.

But if it’s a curse

     I like it!


On my hands and knees

     More than I care to recall –

          Or care to share.

Bent down over you my lady near,

     Steamy and hot

     Sweat dripping from my forehead, nose and all,

     Heat of the moment

     Falls onto your face,

          Your beautiful, delicate face

          With all it’s beauty



You – femme fatale!


Exhausting for me

But happy  – I am.

Just don’t know

     How long

     I can keep it up.


Juggling all the ladies’ interest, needs, and demands

     Unspoken though they are

Some nights

I am completely drained.

Though truth be told

     I often fall deep asleep

     With a smile on my face.


You all know about the others,

You know you’re not the only one,

And you don’t even seem to mind.


You understand my needs

And I yours.

You know when I am with you

     I think only of you and no other.

     You have my full attention

          An intimate connection

          We are one

I service your needs.


So to you my loves

Who live here with me

All of you

Each of you

     Rose and Iris

     Lily and Fern

     Hyacinth and Daisy



     And Violet too

     And even – Creeping Jenny

You give me pleasure

I give you my all.


When I pass by

     Touching even for only a moment,

          It is ecstasy



          Pleasure supreme

          Boundless delight

          Rooted so deep

     Lovers for that moment

     Even longer indeed – for the season.


I dedicate this poem of love and delight

To you

My beauties

More pleasures than pain

More smiles than sweat


The Happy Gardener

Poem by OTL

lg foget-me-nots blue. 6.1.13 crop Forget-me-not

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Out of Control – – – – – – Poem by OTL

Out of Control – – -In Control

I can not control

            What happened in the past.

It is the past.

            Choice of parents




I can Control

Only the meaning I give them.

Making them “teachable” experiences



From all that has happened,

            What have I learned

            What am I continuing to learn,

            To Live Today?

Poem by OTL 

baby new tree out of log

Be Still – – – and Know


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Where are You? – poem by OTL

Where are you

          When I need ?

          When I ache ?

          When I hurt ?

You always seem to be into me

                                   Day or night,

When you need a friend.

How about me?

I turn to you

          For a simple visit

          A simple phone call.

You don’t hear me,

Crying inside

          For love,

          For help,

          For healing.

Had our friendship

                         Never been ?

Was it me loving you,

                        Nothing more ?

I have the feeling

          I was loving,

          But no one returned.

poem – OTL  


Be Still – – – and Know


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My Final Days – poem by OTL

“So old so soon,

                    so smart so late.”

I remember my grandfather saying those words to me one afternoon when I was a child of five.  Those words have been in my mind since that day.  They move in the shadows between so many thoughts.   – – Thinking of him, now thinking of me.

 Lg Palouse-Falls-CROP

As a child when I heard my grandfather make that statement,

I really had no idea what he meant.

                                          – – – only knew he was now old.

As a man now having reached his sixties,

        I understand – well,

        very well,

Their meaning.

I have had experiences





        Struggles and failures


        Growth and success


        Even shame

        Self discovery

True sense of my true self.

I have part of the answer to the question –

Who am I?

I am blessed.

I am gifted.

An eternal learner.

An eternal student of life,

        With much more

        Yet to discover

        Yet to learn

        Yet to embrace.

However, even this day well before my last,

I can stand “grounded”.

I look back over many years of life.

I have a history.

With that history

               I look forward to the next chapters of this life

               However many may yet be left.

That I don’t know,

Nor ever will.

Only after I pass, will others be able to tell you.

Now standing here,

At the head of “my parade”

Built upon the richness that all of my personal history affords me,

        The paths I have walked,

        The miles I have traveled,

        The energy of the universe

                    Urges me

                              To be a contributor,

                              An active participant,

                              A co-creator,

                                       of my remaining days.

And so – I commit.

Poem by – – OTL 8.16.12

Be Still – – – and Know


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Family Farms vs Factory Farms

Family Farms

The soul of America

The American Dream.

Values of:

     Hard work

     Respect for the Earth

          The water

          The soil

          The air.

lg happy cows in field ROTATEHappy Cows   &   Healthy Land

Friendly neighbors

Caring for our Mother Earth


– – – – – – – – – –

Factory Farms

CAFOs by name

Killing off the family farm,

Values of:

     Government subsidies

     Money over neighbor

     Chemical industrial waste

     Pollution of

          Water, soil, air.

CAFO Crapspreading liquid poop that runs off into the watershed

The neighbor nobody wants

Raping & abusing the land


lg manure pitsponds of liquid poop – – – smell to high heaven

Then there are the

Buffoons in government,

On the payola

Always looking

     To help the Industrial Farms

     No matter the cost to We the People.

Always planning their next election

     Kissing butts

     Hands outstretched.

Whatever it takes

     For personal gain.

lg sleep, eat, poopeat – – sleep – – poop —— all in the same place

Doing whatever it takes,

     At the expense of

     The American Dream.

Poem by OTL


If you want to learn more about the damage done by industrial waste and CAFO farming check out  www.kewauneecares.wordpress.com

Just Being – – poem by OTL

Just Being

lg beach clouds s.10 8.9.11

Flowers seem to enjoy – just being open in the sunlight

          and touched by the gentle breeze.

The lake sometimes too – just lies there

          relaxing not moving a muscle.

Gulls – wings out stretched –

          sometimes just want to glide

In the up drafts:

          stomachs full –  no need to hunt for food

          enjoying the moment,

          enjoying the view.

Rocks on the beach – sitting reflection on self

          until picked up and taken home

          as someone’s possession and even friend

          and once there – just sits and waits.

Even the house – stands quiet at times – just being

          standing idle available for family or friend

          relaxing before the people arrive.

Inactivity – meant to be a part of everything

Less nothing take the time to –

          just be what it was meant to be.

See what I am missing – – – –

          Moving too much to

          Listen to,

          To appreciate,


Who am I ?

lg Death-Valley-Sunrise

Poem by  OTL     April 27, 1978


Transcend the Bonds of Belief – poem by OTL

Transcend the Bonds of Belief


What is “belief”?

What does one “believe”?

Belief:  in what, of what, for what, why?

 Lg storm.5 7.30.12

The reason, rationale, need for.

What is in the human character, or mind set, or fear of

          That makes humans admit to, cling to, resort to,

          Belief, any belief, in, of, for, etc.?

Is it a blind “want”

Or an infantile “need”?


Belief – a term that captures the non-provable

          Yet holds so many in a locked mindset.


A dictionary definition:

Belief – “mental acceptance of something as true, even though absolute certainty may be absent”

New World Dictionary

So intertwined with an even more frightening term:

Faith – “complete, unquestioning acceptance of something even in the absence of proof and especially of something not supported by reason”

New World Dictionary


How frightening and abusive to think that

          parents pass these patterns onto their children.

Thus, another generation has the tools to suppress and be suppressed

          and never discover – – Truth.


Belief is the base for one’s choices.

It forms the foundation of all one’s mental movements.


          Self esteem, high or low

          Religious zeal, radical, centered or other directed

          Focus to find and then hold as certain –

                    the answer to the ultimate question of:

                                   “after death” – then what?

Belief a means to assure that your goals are the only right goals,

All other goals of other people, are less in value.

Self serving, suppressive, or liberating – for whom?

Belief a concept used throughout the ages – whether for good or bad.

          It controls

          Even excuses persons

                   From responsibility – personal action.

          Often encourages action

          Even demands submission without question.

No wonder the world is so f##ked up.

Be on guard whenever the words “I believe” are uttered.

They designate:

          One who does not know – really.

          One who is less than truthful.

          One who tries to impose and control.

          One who is lost and grabbing for empty mental constructs

                   to justify meaning.

          One who will lead you astray!

The hopeful sign for humanity is that there are those who


        Transcend the Bonds of Belief.


It is they who have searched, have questioned, have found within

          The Answer

          Liberating the spirit



lg sunrise.2 CROP LONG 10.27.12

A man should learn to detect and watch that gleam of light which flashes across his mind from within, more than the luster of the firmament of bards and sages.     Emerson

Be Still – – – and Know

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