Garden Erotica 2.0

Garden Erotic 2.0

or    Bordello on the Beach  – – StoneWater Beach to be exact.

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So many ladies

So little time,



     Clothed  only in beauty.

What better way to get your “creative juices” flowing.


It gets hard

Trying to satisfy them all – all the time.

Each one gets a break

But not me!

Called from one to the other – then yet another

Exhausting – –

That’s putting it mildly!


Each one vying  for attention

     A look

     A touch

     A sensitive word of love

It is a rivalry flush with excitement.


Never it seems

Are the ladies satisfied – completely satisfied.


I try and I try even more

It’s hard.

Really hard on me.


Too much of a good thing

     Gets exhausting

Sometimes I want to scream to the heavens and sky above,

“Give me a break”.


When I was younger

I thought – ladies wherever one looks – WOW

It can’t get better than that.

The life of every young man’s dreams.

Oh, how foolish I was.


With all the ladies I service,

It’s hard

Really hard on me.


It must be easy having only one.

Giving her your all

          Undivided attention

          Focused admiration

          Total commitment

Forsaking all others.


My dream for old age is

     A condo

     A patio

     A little pot

That would be the “good life”.

Not so hard

I could live with that.


But for now,

     I need them all

     Would like even more.

They let me know

     In words never spoken

     That I do keep them all – every one

     Satisfied and alive.


Maybe I’m cursed

     Having so many.

But if it’s a curse

     I like it!


On my hands and knees

     More than I care to recall –

          Or care to share.

Bent down over you my lady near,

     Steamy and hot

     Sweat dripping from my forehead, nose and all,

     Heat of the moment

     Falls onto your face,

          Your beautiful, delicate face

          With all it’s beauty



You – femme fatale!


Exhausting for me

But happy  – I am.

Just don’t know

     How long

     I can keep it up.


Juggling all the ladies’ interest, needs, and demands

     Unspoken though they are

Some nights

I am completely drained.

Though truth be told

     I often fall deep asleep

     With a smile on my face.


You all know about the others,

You know you’re not the only one,

And you don’t even seem to mind.


You understand my needs

And I yours.

You know when I am with you

     I think only of you and no other.

     You have my full attention

          An intimate connection

          We are one

I service your needs.


So to you my loves

Who live here with me

All of you

Each of you

     Rose and Iris

     Lily and Fern

     Hyacinth and Daisy



     And Violet too

     And even – Creeping Jenny

You give me pleasure

I give you my all.


When I pass by

     Touching even for only a moment,

          It is ecstasy



          Pleasure supreme

          Boundless delight

          Rooted so deep

     Lovers for that moment

     Even longer indeed – for the season.


I dedicate this poem of love and delight

To you

My beauties

More pleasures than pain

More smiles than sweat


The Happy Gardener

Poem by OTL

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Garden Erotica

A Poem:

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In the light of day – nothing can stay hidden for long.


Secrets Exposed – Truth be Told



Startled me to death!

I came into the kitchen,

There she was,

                  Of all places

                                    Sitting on the kitchen counter – NAKED.

I had forgotten she would be here today.

What a “turn-on”




                                    A real hand full.

Sitting there begging me

                  To take her.

Begging me to take all of her.

She knew

                  I wanted her,

                  All of her.

We would do it.

Just the two of us,


Senses on “over load”.

Fully ready to be satisfied,

                  Like never before.

A little foreplay,

                  A gentle touch here

                  A loving caress there

                  Getting her ready – always necessary.

Then I take her,

                  First a nibble,

                  Then more

                                    And more and more and more!

Oh the delight!

Oh the gratification!

The feel of her skin,

                  On my lips

                  In my throat.


                  My body in full pleasure.


                  Flowing slowly down my checks

                  Sliding deep down my throat


But oh so pleasing.

On and on I went,

                  Until finished,


                  Fully satisfied.

She knew  how to please – – – And she did it oh so well.

A virginal experience – indeed the best!


My first – – – Yellow Tomato.

Poem by:  OTL         

The Final Harvest,

The Final Proverbial Question:

                  “Was it as good for you as it was for me?”

                                      OH YEAH !!!

                                      Caliente !!!