Quote – John Lennon

“Count your age by friends

               and not years.

Count your life by smiles

               not tears”

John Lennon

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Live each day as if

          It is your last.

One day – – –

          You’ll be right!

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Going Within — finding


“When we travel the world

                    to seek what we want,

We come home 

                   to find it.”

EX7MBD Pavlin Polia's guest house in Theth, Albania at sunrise.





What did you find – when you came home — went “within”?

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GOD – is ————


God – is

              a VERB



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Not about where you go — but —

lg australia

“It is not about where you go.

It is about what you discover in yourself,

                     when you get there.”


lg caves water

lg Most-Beautiful-Valley-in-the-World

lg lake.25 chives good 9.2.14

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lg monarch.7 rock 9.2.14

lg moon bridge water

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My Final Days – poem by OTL

“So old so soon,

                    so smart so late.”

I remember my grandfather saying those words to me one afternoon when I was a child of five.  Those words have been in my mind since that day.  They move in the shadows between so many thoughts.   – – Thinking of him, now thinking of me.

 Lg Palouse-Falls-CROP

As a child when I heard my grandfather make that statement,

I really had no idea what he meant.

                                          – – – only knew he was now old.

As a man now having reached his sixties,

        I understand – well,

        very well,

Their meaning.

I have had experiences





        Struggles and failures


        Growth and success


        Even shame

        Self discovery

True sense of my true self.

I have part of the answer to the question –

Who am I?

I am blessed.

I am gifted.

An eternal learner.

An eternal student of life,

        With much more

        Yet to discover

        Yet to learn

        Yet to embrace.

However, even this day well before my last,

I can stand “grounded”.

I look back over many years of life.

I have a history.

With that history

               I look forward to the next chapters of this life

               However many may yet be left.

That I don’t know,

Nor ever will.

Only after I pass, will others be able to tell you.

Now standing here,

At the head of “my parade”

Built upon the richness that all of my personal history affords me,

        The paths I have walked,

        The miles I have traveled,

        The energy of the universe

                    Urges me

                              To be a contributor,

                              An active participant,

                              A co-creator,

                                       of my remaining days.

And so – I commit.

Poem by – – OTL 8.16.12

Be Still – – – and Know


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