Islam’s Sin

Over the last decade and more, there has been plenty of time to reflect on the growing problem of radical terrorists that exist is a number of places in the world. These terrorists didn’t just “appear” out of nowhere. They developed and grew out of the “dirt” of politics and religion that “allowed” them to take root. Such complacency or even tacit support for terrorism has been a part of the human species time and time again. Take for example the Christian crusades. Need I say more.

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After so many years of saying nothing about terrorism and terrorists, either out of denial, or for the protection of the Islamic faithful, or by using such terrorists to divert attention from problems at home, or letting others and other nations be attacked so as cover up deficiencies in their own leadership and theology – the leaders of Islam and Islamic nations are now saying how bad, how terrible, how un-Islamic such terrorist are.

Well, well, well. It is about time. Because of the silence of the leadership at many levels – that leadership is in great part to blame for the terrible things that are now multiplying and happening around the world – in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, etc. etc. etc. Now the leaders, political and religious, are trying to “stop” such terrible things, trying to stop what they ignored for so long because it did not affect them at home! They used the terrorists for their personal political and religious gains. Note: I am sure you know that there are sins of commission – terrorist acts, and then there are sins of omission – ignoring and not doing what you could do to make “good” happen.

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It is all going down the drain!

Political leaders and religious leaders – guess what – the problems you actively and passively helped to create have now come home to roost. May you get everything you rightly deserve. You are sinners! made you bed

You made your bed – now you have to sleep in it!

If you haven’t had enough, and know that Christians have a problem too, check out the posting – – – Jihad Jesus:


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Jihad – Jesus


Most people seem to find the determination, the “gumption”, the strength, to condemn the right wing terrorist found in Islam.  We read in the papers, or see on the internet the killings, slaughter, maiming, etc. done in the name of Allah.  Moderate people of that faith, know how wrong such brutal actions are.  Uneducated, lead around by the bull ring in the nose Islamist, simply think it is the right approach to their belief.  They really believe in such a god.  Unbelievable!

In the West, we condemn such behavior as sub-human, evil, and at the very least –  stupid!

Yet take a moment, look at all that has been done in the name of Jesus;  the Crusades, witch burnings, Inquisition mutilations and killing.  However one need not even go that far back into history to see damage done in the name of Jesus.  The modern Christian Jihadist kill doctors who perform abortions;  on the news we hear of husbands who beat their wives because the Bible says women are to be submissive to men;  churches who treat women as second class members;  parents who kill their own children because, as they say, “God told me to do it”;  or as we can all remember the terrorist who blew up the building in Oklahoma – they too were Christian.  Jihad Jesus at his finest hour.

There are many examples in other religions, non Christian or quasi Christian such as the Mormon faith, that will make your stomach turn in disgust .  Read the book: Under the Banner of Heaven.  The author Jon Krakauer  enters the obscure world of Mormon fundamentalism to tell a story of, as he puts it, “faith-based violence”.  It becomes easy to see why religion is often more of the problem than the solution for humanity.  Violence encouraged in the name of god.

Is it any wonder that many intelligent, loving, kind and caring people chose to dump religion as so much “Crap”?  Religion is so often the root of the world’s pain and division, not the healer it claims to be.  People are being taken for a ride as the fools they are, and yet they continue to profess in god, a god of such destruction.  It is beyond “belief” – to use their own words.

If your religion, belief, theology, has in the least possible way “allowed” these kinds of action, or even worst, called them holy as in ‘Holy War’,  you are indeed sick and so too your faith.  You make Atheists proud – not to believe!

Is it any wonder that Atheism has much to offer to a world saturated with hate, fear and dread?  Hate, fear, and dread lived out by “believers” in their religions.  Atheism is The Answer for many of today’s honest thinkers.  There are real people of depth today who are – post religion.  They have found Truth.  Yet again there are so many people who can not make that same leap of “faith” to following such real Truth because of their own insecurity and fear from a god created by man in man’s image, and most sadly of all – they think it is real!.  I think not!  That is the profession of many Atheist.  Who can argue with that?

The questioning of religion in America and the preposterous emphasis put on it by today’s politicians should give all of us “pause” to reflect.  Our Founding Fathers had a few words about religion.

Food for Thought!


“Lighthouses are more useful than churches”.

Benjamin Franklin


“This would be the best of all possible worlds if there were no religion in it”.

John Adams


“Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shone on man”.

Thomas Jefferson


The following is one of many articles that can be found on the internet, that will make a believer think twice about the terrorist among them!  Copy and paste to your web search.

Be Still – – – and Know

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