Out of Control – – – – – – Poem by OTL

Out of Control – – -In Control

I can not control

            What happened in the past.

It is the past.

            Choice of parents




I can Control

Only the meaning I give them.

Making them “teachable” experiences



From all that has happened,

            What have I learned

            What am I continuing to learn,

            To Live Today?

Poem by OTL 

baby new tree out of log

Be Still – – – and Know


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Past – Future & You

Your life,” he said,

doesn’t have to be played out against your past.”

Ex governor Jim McGreevey

Bridge-to-NowhereBridge to Unknown Future

Do you have chapters in your “life history” – – –

                                               you wish had never been written?

When you have a few years on you,

When you have a history,

When you have made choices that have not been – – –

                                                                      the most perfect,

When you have time yet to live, to create, to be, to move forward:

Does your past determine what you future must be?

I think not.


Yes, the past, your past  –  it is always there  –  a river within,

Yet one can,

If one chooses,

To move beyond and become more than what was.

The future, your future – is not your past

Unless you chose that to be your desire.



What holds you back;

          From dreaming new dreams?

          From seeing the possible in yourself?

          From moving forward?

          From bridging where you are now, to where you want to be?

          From a new dawn, a new day?

          From “new life”?

Is it what others may think


Is it you?