One can never tire from reading / hearing this quote.

Much to say in only a few words.

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To error is human

To forgive is divine.

The photo above is from the Gardens at Waters East, located on the shores of Lake Michigan in USA.  If you would like to see more photos of a beautiful spot on Earth, and beautiful flowers go to – click on:


A Quote – Religion – Camus

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“There are people

Whose religion

Consists in – – – 



               Never in – – – 


Albert Camus

Past – Future & You

Your life,” he said,

doesn’t have to be played out against your past.”

Ex governor Jim McGreevey

Bridge-to-NowhereBridge to Unknown Future

Do you have chapters in your “life history” – – –

                                               you wish had never been written?

When you have a few years on you,

When you have a history,

When you have made choices that have not been – – –

                                                                      the most perfect,

When you have time yet to live, to create, to be, to move forward:

Does your past determine what you future must be?

I think not.


Yes, the past, your past  –  it is always there  –  a river within,

Yet one can,

If one chooses,

To move beyond and become more than what was.

The future, your future – is not your past

Unless you chose that to be your desire.



What holds you back;

          From dreaming new dreams?

          From seeing the possible in yourself?

          From moving forward?

          From bridging where you are now, to where you want to be?

          From a new dawn, a new day?

          From “new life”?

Is it what others may think


Is it you?