Family Farms vs Factory Farms

Family Farms

The soul of America

The American Dream.

Values of:

     Hard work

     Respect for the Earth

          The water

          The soil

          The air.

lg happy cows in field ROTATEHappy Cows   &   Healthy Land

Friendly neighbors

Caring for our Mother Earth


– – – – – – – – – –

Factory Farms

CAFOs by name

Killing off the family farm,

Values of:

     Government subsidies

     Money over neighbor

     Chemical industrial waste

     Pollution of

          Water, soil, air.

CAFO Crapspreading liquid poop that runs off into the watershed

The neighbor nobody wants

Raping & abusing the land


lg manure pitsponds of liquid poop – – – smell to high heaven

Then there are the

Buffoons in government,

On the payola

Always looking

     To help the Industrial Farms

     No matter the cost to We the People.

Always planning their next election

     Kissing butts

     Hands outstretched.

Whatever it takes

     For personal gain.

lg sleep, eat, poopeat – – sleep – – poop —— all in the same place

Doing whatever it takes,

     At the expense of

     The American Dream.

Poem by OTL


If you want to learn more about the damage done by industrial waste and CAFO farming check out

Cow Poop – – “poem” by OTL

Manure – Manure everywhere

And not a drop to drink – – NOT TRUE!

1. 250px-CowPie-smalla good old fashion cow pie 

You may already be a victim

Of contaminated water.

Not good for you nor your pets.

2.lg C. W. water Sample  (1)Both bottles contain water directly out of the kitchen faucets at two different area homes.

Can you tell which contains Fecal Matter?

Would you dare drink that!

Daily there are reports across the USA

     of polluted wells and once potable water  supplies.

Many factors contribute to the contamination

     of what you drink

     of where you get your water.

So sad.


Water tables,




Of the many contributors polluting YOUR health,

Think of liquid poop from thousands of cows confined to a small area – – – CAFOs

Poop infused with hormones, chemicals and pathogens

          So that the cows have diarrhea day in and day out.

          Easier to spread out their manure – even spray it about.

Everyday of their lives.

     Cows pooping and milking

     Until the day they can no longer.

Dried up and dried out

Then sold for beef in burgers and more.

Poop spread on the soil

Poop seeping into the ground

     Entering the creeks and rivers

     Flowing into the lakes.

     Mixing with the source

          Of  YOUR drinking water.

7. lg runoff out of tileWater rushing off area farm field covered with liquid manure. 

Manure – Manure everywhere

And not a drop to drink – – NOT TRUE!

5. lg cow pie person's foot for sizea healthy cow pie

Gone are the days of healthy cow pies,

welcome to the brave new world of chemically infused cow diarrhea. 

6 lg liquid manure spreadingIndustrial farm waste – liquid manure

containing pathogens

An appropriate response



Click here to read lots more disgusting facts on this contaminating industrial waste – closer to you than you think.

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