Thoughts at the Moment of My Death -poem by OTL

A gift to Self and Friends

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Thoughts at the Moment of my Death


To relax into Death

Knowing it is natural

Knowing it is unavoidable

Knowing it is happening.


To relax into Death

Dying with comfort of mind & spirit.


To relax into Death

Life’s timeline now ending

Some dreams realized – – others not

It is OK.


To relax into Death

The journey nears its end

The chance of being

The flicker of the flame of life

Growing dim.


To relax into Death

One last breath

The last of the air that gives life

The last moment of Living

Taken within




Oh Glorious Passing

That comes with such:




          For all.


Poem by: OTL 12.10.12

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Your Death – – by OTL

Unless you understand death,

          you will not comprehend living.


How you live each and every day,

Defines your understanding of death.


The myths you may or may not use in

          understand death,

Shape your reality in the living of each moment.


Belief in the here-after,

Belief in the only here-and-now,

          Expresses itself in each moment you are alive.

Eschatology may be the study of Death – Then What,

It best expresses itself in the – Now So What.


In either case – you may be living a lie!


Walk with Me

Be Still – – – and Know


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