Happiness – quote by Proust

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Live each day as if

          It is your last.

One day – – –

          You’ll be right!

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The Hourglass

There is only so much sand left dropping in my hourglass,

Which is why I now only spend time with people

I really REALLY want to be around.

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“Life is what happens


You are making other plans”

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Glorious Life

One crowed hour of glorious life

Is worth an age without a name!

Lake Atititlan – Guatemala

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Hear Your Thoughts!


I can hear your thoughts

See your dreams.


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Superior People


“People who pretend they are superior,

make it so much harder

for those of us – – – who are!”

Hyacinth – Keeping Up Appearances
This is what happens when you leave a gopro out on the sea ice The Photo was taken near Casey Station Antarctica, It was one of a series of captures by a gopro on time lapse that was set out on the ice near the site where we are running an ocean acidification experiment. We often get groups of Adelie Penguins coming to see what we are doing and this one was trying to peck the camera. I am currantly based in Antartica for the next eight months through the winter and would be happy to help with any photo's requests required for up coming publications.

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