The storm clouds of shame.

It is a disgrace that he leadership of the Republican Party does nothing.  They are a bunch of old white men – obviously castrated!!!

By their lack of confrontation, by their silence, they are telling all of us here and around the world that TRUMP is good for America.  Their silence speaks – approval.  Shame on them.  TRUMP is a problem.  The Republican leadership – IS THE PROBLEM!!!!!


One Comment on “TRUMP”

  1. William iwen says:

    The Republican Party has become the party that generates hate and then willfully harvests hate and fear to plant these seeds to expand their crop!
    The CAFOs in Kewaunee County are a barometer of that success! Where else in human history can a neighbor legally pollute another neighbors well (and air) drive them from the homes and then acquire that home to use for housing both illegal and legal alien disenfranchised laborers to expand their empire??

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