A Photo of YOU – really!

What do you see in this photo?

1.Lg squirl & birds peanut

Someone hoarding it all?    Someone showing off his/her success?    Someone cracking open a nut to share?    Someone who is liked by many?    Someone being the center of attention?

Birds trying to steel?    Birds looking for their share?    Birds happy to have a friend who has good things?    Birds celebrating the good fortune of another?    Birds wanting more?

You are in this photo – yes you are!

Who are you?

Your answer tells lots about your attitude –

                                                     toward self and toward others?


Enjoy & Reflect

2.lg false sunflower 8.22.13 crop sq good copy

Be Still – – – and Know

< < < < < < < ———–> > > > > > >

 If you like photos of nature, environment, gardens, etc. – –  check out a private gardens  along the shores of Lake Michigan – check out:    www.gardensatwaterseast.blogspot.com



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