Al Qaeda in America

In my humble opinion:

It seems to me that too many of the radical right have the thought process half-ass backward.  In speaking about climate change, or women’s reproductive rights, or water and air pollution,  – or the basic principles of governing;  you would think, you would hope;  that elected leaders would follow a more informed intelligent thinking process.  That process would see that science is to inform politics —– not politics to drive science.

These folks all seem to be so angry about life and angry at those who may think differently.  Who are most of these angry dummies?  That is easy.  They are the far right conservatives – both politically and religiously.  They are the “insider” terrorist, the elected officials and church leaders who will do the dirty work of destroying America.  Al Qaeda abroad must be so happy to see these “patriotic” half-wits doing what they can only dream of doing!  These far right, unintelligent, unread, narrow minded dumb-wits are leading America.  Al Qaeda in America already exist – how sad.

Leopard at Greater Kruger National Park South Africa

May be pretty – but is dangerous.

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