Albert Camus – a quote

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

 — Albert Camus



Here we are – Autumn

          What  does this season do to you, for you?

          Is it a sad ending of the year?

          Is it a getting ready to go-to-bed kind of time?

          Is it a bursting forth of color and light,

                  a making a splash in nature’s time?

What is your mood – feeling – attitude

As the season progresses?

What do the photos posted today say to you?

About you?

About the “color” you bring into the world?

Be Still – – – and Know

5.Lg yellow maple leaves

< < < < < < < ———–> > > > > > >

If you want more “inspirational” photos of nature and flowers and water,

check out any of the past postings from the archive of:   Gardens at Waters East    click on:

Your thoughts and comments are always welcomed.

Write a few words to share.

Take this opportunity to “teach” all of us who seek deeper truth in life.



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