Where are You? – poem by OTL

Where are you

          When I need ?

          When I ache ?

          When I hurt ?

You always seem to be into me

                                   Day or night,

When you need a friend.

How about me?

I turn to you

          For a simple visit

          A simple phone call.

You don’t hear me,

Crying inside

          For love,

          For help,

          For healing.

Had our friendship

                         Never been ?

Was it me loving you,

                        Nothing more ?

I have the feeling

          I was loving,

          But no one returned.

poem – OTL  


Be Still – – – and Know


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Take this opportunity to “teach” all of us who seek deeper truth in life.



One Comment on “Where are You? – poem by OTL”

  1. Frank Bill says:

    Oh, this is depressing and distressing…but then, we can all keep “testing the waters” and “voila” out of the mist springs hope eternal for new meanings and beginnings and the purity of the Spring that feeds the stream of consciousness and regeneration!

    So sayeth friends, family, and those who reach out beyond our Neanderthalic origins!!

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