Neanderthals among Us

Neanderthals among Us

If you thought all the primitive men from the Paleolithic period had died off – think again.  “Ain’t America Great.”  You have to love a country where people who should have died off years ago, can live another day.   They can talk too – though stupidly, just to prove they are primitive with nothing of value in their heads.

Here is a photo gallery from pages in The Nation magazine.  Both the photos and the Neanderthals, speak for themselves.  There may be more in the future!

This should make your day!

lg neander.1

lg neander.2

lg neander.3

Be Still and Know

That you are not the one with the problem.


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2 Comments on “Neanderthals among Us”

  1. Frank says:

    The real Neanderthals lived fairly harmoniously with nature for 200,000 years in Europe. They have the image of being mentally sluggish, but heck, do we think the “Neanderthals” that exist now will last 200,000 years?
    The way we are destroying the planets support system, I think not!

    But, I do agree totally with “The Nation” and the only suggest that maybe “Neanderthal” could be replaced eventually with another term more in line with what our species has become….a consuming, polluting, greed riven, mean spirited, maverick species that has lost its way…Perhaps a new word needs to be coined!

  2. I agree with Frank, you’re giving Neanderthals a bad rap!

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