Just Being – – poem by OTL

Just Being

lg beach clouds s.10 8.9.11

Flowers seem to enjoy – just being open in the sunlight

          and touched by the gentle breeze.

The lake sometimes too – just lies there

          relaxing not moving a muscle.

Gulls – wings out stretched –

          sometimes just want to glide

In the up drafts:

          stomachs full –  no need to hunt for food

          enjoying the moment,

          enjoying the view.

Rocks on the beach – sitting reflection on self

          until picked up and taken home

          as someone’s possession and even friend

          and once there – just sits and waits.

Even the house – stands quiet at times – just being

          standing idle available for family or friend

          relaxing before the people arrive.

Inactivity – meant to be a part of everything

Less nothing take the time to –

          just be what it was meant to be.

See what I am missing – – – –

          Moving too much to

          Listen to,

          To appreciate,


Who am I ?

lg Death-Valley-Sunrise

Poem by  OTL     April 27, 1978


2 Comments on “Just Being – – poem by OTL”

  1. Lovely poem! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Eric Alagan says:

    Love the way it ended with that question

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