The Third Age – a poem by OTL

The Third Age

Birth through formal education

Professional life to retirement

Then What?

            The Third Age

Now What?

All this time ahead –

          for who knows how long – maybe many years.

Sit around and rot in front of TV,

Rock in a chair, counting cars going by on the street,

Surf the web – mindlessly,

On and on – achieving nothing.

Just existing,  existing,  existing.

Using up what hours are left – before the final breath.

What a waste of life!



Not enriching

Not life-giving


     And more – – Dull.

So ends the life of so many.

     “Over and Out”

Dead and nothing more.

Not much of a legacy for your Third Age.

Birth to death

     Your chance to be you.

     There is no other.

How will it end with you?

     Blossoming till the last day,

     Or shriveled in brain and spirit?

Wasted or celebrated.

     That is – celebrated by you.

You are the one that counts.

You make the choices.

You make it a life.

You have the Power.

You make the final years fully alive;

     Or – meaningless,

     Or – standing still treading water,

     Or – dead.


How depressing to end on such a note!

 Be Still – – – and Know

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Take this opportunity to “teach” all of us who seek deeper truth in life.

One Comment on “The Third Age – a poem by OTL”

  1. i think in present day, the age of blogging, people who have gathered so much experience can share it with the world by blogging- for joy or for sharing wisdom.

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