Aldo Leopold – A Thought

A Thought for the Day!

One of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives alone in a world of wounds.  Much of the damage inflicted on land is quite invisible to laymen.  An ecologist must either harden his shell and make believe that the consequences are none of his business, or he must be the doctor who sees the marks of death in a community that believes itself well and does not want to be told otherwise……

Aldo Leopold

b. Burlington Iowa Jan 1887 d. Baraboo WI. April 1948

Be Still – – – and Know

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2 Comments on “Aldo Leopold – A Thought”

  1. calvincaley says:

    I am an Aldo Leopold fan…his ideas were so very far ahead of his time, perhaps still are; we do not yet seem to be at the place where we understand that we as humans are a participant in each ecosystem in which we exist, and this participation can be a positive for the environment just as much as it could be a negative. Love the waterfall photo also. Thank you!

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