A Lesson Learned – On A Great Lake

A Lesson Learned – On a Great Lake

                                                                        a poem by:  OTL


When the waters cool,

And temperature freeze,

          Storm winds blow – – – strong and fierce

          Bone chilling to the core

          Walls of ice form creeping and climbing up onto the shores

          Which crack, then shift, then break apart,

                    Time and time again,

                    Over and over,

                    Until the final breakup,


          Islands of icebergs,




                    From where they came.


          Into one another,



                    Without care or concern.

Each “thinking”

          It is going its own way,


          All drifting – South.

The waters

          As cool as they can be

                    Without becoming one body of solid ice,

          Days passing on – one to another

          In the waters of Winter Time.

Waters giving support and ride to these icebergs

People of the Sea



          Waiting some more.


          As days continue to pass on – one to another,

          The power of hope and memory within the waters

          Will stir anew.

Its warmth,

Will melt the forgotten,

          The distance moved,

          Journeys taken,

                    Of the drifters in their Winter Season.

I’ve seen that happen before,

          With others.

And experienced it,


                    Time and again.

All will be one – again

          In the Spring

          In the Warmth,

                    When “oneness” returns and Love is born anew.

So it is with friendship.

Yes – – – so it is.

There is a constant

          Always present,

          Always living,

                    Even if from time to time,

                    And sometimes for a long time,

All may seem forgotten

Moving on different paths here or there,

Taking different journeys for a time.

The day will come

          I know it to be true







Waters as one again,





                    It lives.

Be Still – – – and Know


Your thoughts and comments are always welcomed.  Write a few words to share.

Take this opportunity to “teach” all of us who seek deeper truth in life.


3 Comments on “A Lesson Learned – On A Great Lake”

  1. Did you write this?? I absolutely loved it, the rhythms, the imagines it created in my mind, and the emotions it stirred up. Beautiful… xo Smidge

    • Yes, I wrote that and took most of the photos. I was watching the lake in front of my home and thinking about one of my friends when I composed it. Interesting to me how friendships move close at times then apart somewhat because of other commitments or family, then when family grows up the friend moves back to you again with more time for you. Many moe pictures of the lake and my area can be found at http://www.gardensatwaterseast.blogspot.com if you cut and past that you might enjoy some of the lake photos over the past year. Jack


  2. Beautiful images to fit in with beautiful words, or is it the other way around!

    Blessings Donna

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