Stepping on Toes


Be careful:

            The toe you step on today

            May belong to the ass

                        You will have to kiss tomorrow.

May not be a "pretty picture" - but it is True!

Reflect:   What is this photo saying?  What question, questions does it evoke, stir up within?  What does it tell you about YOU;  about YOUR relationship to the universe;  about YOUR relationship to others, to authority;  about time and the quality of how you are using it;  about this very moment – only here once, never to return;  about ultimate meaning;  about why are YOU here  now, this moment?

Be Still – – – and Know


Your thoughts and comments are always welcomed.  Write a few words to share.

Take this opportunity to “teach” all of us who seek deeper truth in life.





One Comment on “Stepping on Toes”

  1. Thanks for discovering my blog. Hope you enjoy it. The sunflower warms me up with thoughts of the summer to come, while we garden in frost daily.

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