Anniversary of My Death

The Anniversary of My Death

Every year I pass the anniversary of my death.
I don’t know the date,
But each year I pass it.

My friends will know and remember it
After I am gone.
Each year, they will remember the anniversary of my death.

For me,
It really doesn’t matter.

Though a little time at The End,
Would be nice,
To mend fences,
To say Good Bye.

I would no doubt ask myself,
“What can I do to make the last months / days the best”?

Final Resting Place - - Yours?

A profound observation:
Those last months / days – could be here right now.

7 Comments on “Anniversary of My Death”

  1. says:

    isn’t it a bit too much??
    anyways you wrote as if you are already dead

  2. death is our future. it is the most certain and the closest thing in our life. 🙂

  3. John Northcutt Young says:

    This is a very interesting concept. Could be developed into short story or book length.

  4. I liked this, an interesting way to look at it. First time I have heard of the idea, in fact.

  5. Pat Cegan says:

    Wow! Now here is food for thought. So many people fear death…most actually. How freeing it is to finally understand that it is simply a passage to another reality. I love the idea of the “anniversary of my death.” Keep writing, Jack. hugs, pat

  6. finding the lotus says:

    hello! Did you write this poem? It’s beautiful simplicity and wisdom are truly moving. I am participating in an experiment this year that has us living as if it is the last year of our life. And today, the 31st, would be our ‘last day’. The last line, asking what we can do to make the lst days, months the best is a question we increasingly ask ourselves as we draw nearer to our ‘end’ and treasure each day more as a result. Thank you for sharing this.

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