A New Day Has Just Begun

Each Sunrise,

Each New Day,

               Offers hope, opportunity, possibility,

               For you

               For Earth.

The Questions are:

               What will this day bring to your life?

               What will this day bring to the life of the Earth?

A New Day.

How will you make use of the moments of Today

for Self


for Others?

You are most welcome to leave a comment.

We can all grow form the good words and thoughts of others.

5 Comments on “A New Day Has Just Begun”

  1. Lucinda says:

    Stunning photos of such a beautiful sky. A wonderful new day to enjoy and explore.

  2. ultimatestamina says:

    Today I will inspire and be inspired. I will guide and will be guided. I will live and let go. I will change the things I can and have the courage to accept the things I can not change. I will let Faith be my guiding force, through the journey, called Life.

  3. Ameya Bondre says:

    Today I want to make someone smile….be there to listen for someone….cuddle someone….make someone feel great about him/herself….
    focus on my work…..and test my focus….
    be patient…

    lovely post..:)

  4. Parry says:

    So inspiring!! Looking at every morning as a fresh start, as a chance to do something different before the end of the day will only help us grow and make our life a worthy one .. Not just for the sake of ourselves, but for others as well 🙂
    And the photos are amazing …

  5. Connie Wayne says:

    Beautiful photos and comments. I love the title of your blog—it says it all!

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