Poem – by OTL #2

If I had my life to live over,

 I’d skip down city sidewalks singing,

          Smiling at those who stare but can’t understand.

I’d eat more cotton candy and taffy apples

          And forget about the extra pound.

I’d pattern myself less on what others think I am to be,

          And run around more reckless and free

          Daring to be myself

          All of me.

If I had my life to live over,

I’d be less antiseptic and clean

          Getting into the dirt and the mud,

          Being touched by the Earth.

I’d worry less about what classmates think

          And raise my hand more just to give my opinion,

          Right or wrong,

          Do I care?

I’d work less for grades

          But more,

          Just to know.

If I had my life to live over,

I’d let the snow and the rain

          Slap my face and hands

          And not bundle up to avoid being “touched”.

I’d roll in the leaves

          Ski through the snow

          Sky-dive or walk a wing (maybe?)

          Sit on a mountain

          All because they are there.

I’d pray less from books

          But raise my prayers from the voice

          In my heart.

I’d see God – not in Church,

          But in you and in me,

          In the water, sky, and tress and all.

If I had my life to live over,

I’d worry less about the mosquitoes

          That bite in the Summer,

          And let the moon light and warm evening breeze

          Caress my skin.

I’d say what I believe

          And less of what others want to hear.

I’d stop seeing my parents as other people,

          And treat them as friends.

If I had my life to live over,

I’d stop spending all day planning for tomorrow,

          And live today as the only one that really matters.

I’d walk barefoot on the beach sooner in Spring,

          Sand between my toes.

I’d pick more daisies

          “listening” to their faces and their smile

          as they whisper love to me.

We all too often

          Exist until death

          But never really live.

We barricade out the elements,


          And feelings;

          Never experiencing

          The best in joys and sorrows.

We die

          Never being “born”.

We are born dead,

          Too late we find out it is over,

          And never did we live.

Come alive!

Let it in – and out!

Touch and be touched!


I am “born again”!

Be Still – – – and Know

 Your thoughts and comments are always welcomed.  Write a few words to share.

Take this opportunity to “teach” all of us who seek deeper truth in life.

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