BLOOD on their HANDS

Blood on their Hands

As with most of the postings here, this is not some detailed dissertation or deeply researched scholarly thesis but simple reflections on an issue.  Watching the war in Afghanistan and the poppy fields used to manufacture drugs;  watching the killings in Mexico, Central and South America over the control of cocaine; all makes one wonder about the use of drugs such as heroin and cocaine in America and the consequences of such use..

There are killings daily, mutilations, beheadings, kidnappings, brutalities ever ongoing.  People want a piece of the action to deliver drugs to American users and they will let nothing or no one stand in their way.  Families are torn apart, parents bury their children, men and women flee and hid to escape the horror of the “killing fields” found in all these places and more.

What are we, the “civilized” society of USA doing to these people?  Why do so many harbor deep ill feelings about the American people?  No doubt, drugs certainly play a part  in their rage.

poppy flower in Afghanistan

Every drug supplier, every drug user, every citizen who turns a blind eye to this terrible destruction of humans;  has blood on their hands  Yes, I repeat, everyone either as a active participant in drug shipment, or use; or as a passive observer deserves to be labeled as a participant.

coca fields

How many future scientist, artist, poets, astronomers, inventers, persons of payer and deep reflection, persons of honest leadership, model fathers and mothers to tomorrow’s youth, etc. etc. are living no more because of the violence and death caused by those at all levels of drug production, use, and not caring?

drying coca leaves 

If people think they are not to blame or are not a part of the “killing fields” in this global drug war – – they have their heads in the sand.  If they think they are innocent of the murders, rapes, mutilations, dismemberments, etc. they fool no one.  These people are murderers and have the blood of countless thousands on their hands.  Lets get serious.  Lets not try to avoid what to call all these people.  They are demonic and deserve Hell.

You may know people involved in “pushing” drugs, using drugs, or turning a blind eye to what is happening.  All are guilty either as sinners of commission (actual involvement in drugs) or sinners of omission (not speaking out, not helping to stop, not caring to get involved) in the war on drugs.  Countless thousands are dead today, no tomorrow for them, no hopes and dreams to follow, no more existence, because of all those active and passive people listed above.  They all without exception – have blood on their hands.

In this whole pattern of senseless destruction of life,  where are you?

Take a deep breath, quiet your mind, reflect.

All you do or do not do - spreads out to the world.

Be Still – – – and Know

Your thoughts and comments are always welcomed.  Write a few words to share.

Take this opportunity to “teach” all of us who seek deeper truth in life.

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