I readily admit that there are people with more insight and understanding about the dynamics of anger than me.  Far less than those who professionally deal with this emotion, I write only as an observer of what I see far too often in too many people.  Watch the local or international news, there is such furry in some who live on this planet.  Anger consumes them in what they say and do.  There is no need to give examples.  One would have to be “blind” not to see the rage in the hearts and lives of some people.  The lack of civility in angry people is not something to be proud of as a human race.

Sometimes you only need to look at people closer to you than those found on the news.  Families and relatives can also be consumed by anger.  That is right, I said – – consumed.  You can hear people say;  “I’m not talking to my sister”,  “I hate my ex wife”,  “my boss makes me so mad”, etc. etc.  Anger can express itself in passive aggressive behavior,  subtle ways of control,  using “code” words in conversation,  the inappropriate joke, etc. etc.  Or, it can be much more aggressive as in racism, homophobia, prejudice, antifeminism, etc. etc.  There is a lot of anger “out there”, a lot of angry people.

I often wonder if angry people know how foolish they are;  how much more they are saying about themselves than what I am sure they would want the world to know.

When a person is angry at this or that situation, at this person or that person;  what they are really doing is just the very opposite of what they want to be doing.  They want to be in control of “what” or “who” angers them,  but in reality the angry person gives his / her emotional control over to the very person or thing that they are angry at.  A most interesting dynamic.

Anger stems from a feeling of the loss of control, yet these angry people are giving control of their emotional life over to that which they are angry at.  Again, a most interesting dynamic.

It would be good, it would be beneficial for all of us to stop for a moment and assess our own states of anger.

Be Still – – – and Know

Strong & Calm - at peace

What does this pictures speak to you;  about being calm,  about being at peace with oneself,  about letting go of anger so as to be a part of the larger joy and experience of life?

Your thoughts and comments are always welcomed.

Write a few words to share.

Take this opportunity to “teach” all of us who seek deeper truth in life.


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